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Printoptical Technology

Printoptical Technology (PT) 3D prints optical structures and elements using industrial inkjet equipment. Transparent droplets of a UV-curable polymer are jetted and then cured by strong UV-lamps which are integrated onto the print head.

The results of the process are geometric or freeform shapes that may include transparent prisms or lenses, as well as full color 3D graphics and textures.

The key element of the technology is the piezoelectric controllable print head, which provides a resolution of 1,440 dpi or greater. Even though the material is deposited in discrete drops, the resulting surface is smooth. This is accomplished by delaying the time between the jetting of the droplets and the application and strenght of UV light, which gives the polymer time to flow and for each droplet to lose its spherical form. Optical quality surfaces are achieved with no post processing.

Printoptical Technology avoids complicated and costly conventional processes, such as injection molding, diamond turning, polishing and grinding, used to produce many types of optical components.

Printoptical Technology was invented in 2009 by LUXeXceL. The company offers, on the contrary to most other 3D printing technology suppliers, its manufacturing as a service to the global making industry.

Thanks to the possibility of online ordering, users can upload their CAD files easily, check the do-ability online, get a quote instantly and order on demand in quantities as needed.