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3D Printed Optics: The Digitization of Illumination Optics Fabrication

Dutch company Luxexcel is leading the 3D Printed Optics Revolution by offering its manufacturing as a Service to the global Lighting Industry. [vsw id="ButmL9_XBMc" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

3D Printed Optics?

Regular 3D printers can print in many materials like ABS, plastics, metals, or ceramics. Some of these materials are even transparent, but the technique used to build products with these materials, keeps it from building optics with the right specifications. 3DPrinting.Lighting_Luxexcel Optis Software Cooperation_Optics The shape of the end product can resemble a lens. After some post processing it might even look like an optic, but it will not have the right optical properties. Scattering and surface roughness values need to be extremely low in order to make printed optics work. As of yet, no other 3D printer has been able to do this and Luxexcel seems to be in a very unique position! At 3DPrinting.Lighing, we follow the developments around this technology with great interest and will keep you posted on future updates!