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Cozi Studio: Breaking Boundaries Through Complex Forms and Illusory Textural Surfaces


Cozi Studio: A high-end Brand for 3D Printed Lighting Fixtures and Furniture Design

The founders of Cozi Studio, named Yuval Carmel and Ofir Zandani, are two industrial designers that combine a multidisciplinary knowledge of manufacturing techniques. Their studio collection is characterized by a unique morphology, achieved by manipulating traditional materials in extreme and technologically innovative ways. Behind each work lays an idea, a vision.

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Focus Light illuminates surroundings through 3D printed screen.

Complex Planning, Forms and Surfaces

Through complex mold planning, wood press and 3D printing, Co-founders Yuval Carmel and Ofir Zandani have managed to create complex forms and illusory textural surfaces. By combining advanced technologies with traditional craftsmanship, the statement pieces clearly display the dialogue between the nature of the materials and the manipulated forms.

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Dissonance between Materials, Use and Shape.

Dissonance between Materials, Use and Shape

There is a certain dissonance between the materials they use and the forms they realize. They force you to look more thoughtfully, and question the very object you see before you. What inspires the designers are the challenges of design and production. They strive to break through technological boundaries, and take heir designs to the tipping point where other designers are afraid to go.

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‘Focus Light’ employs selective laser sintering to generate a flexible and durable three-dimensional piece.

SLS 3D Printing Technology

Out of the various 3D printing technologies, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) suits best the unique printed fabrics. Working with Polyamide Nylon, a laser beam solidifies powdered plastic layer-by-layer using heat in a controlled environment.

Unique printed fabrics from Polyamide Nylon
Unique printed fabrics from Polyamide Nylon.

The woven segments are built from the bottom-up and into each other,  creating a flexible lace like textile. The different fabrics are  meticulously planned on the computer using 3D programming,  printed and assembled by hand.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Cozi Studio (8)Materials Talk: Creating the Dialogue

The designers aim is finally to create a dialog between technology and craft, between perception and tangibility. Some of the actual objects of the Cozi Studio include the Wrinkles and Early blossom center piece bowls and the Ghost, Focus and Bloom lighting fixtures.

You can see more of their work featured at the Cozi Studio website or Designboom.