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Latitude Lamp: Solar-Powered and 3D printed by Nea-studio


Latitude Lamp: A Global Lighting Product Customized to Local Conditions

The Latitude Lamp, designed by Nea-studio, is a solar-powered light fixture that emits atmospheric light. The fixture can be fabricated in many different set-ups according to the user’s location or latitude. 3D printing technology was used to convert the initial product idea into a functional prototype.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Latitude Lamp by Nea-Studio (6)
The Latitude Lamp needs to bathe in daylight for eight hours a day, with the solar panel facing the sky.

Solar-Power from Custom Latitudes

The Latitude Lamp is a perfect example of a product that is tailored for use at specific locations. The geometry of the lamp can be automatically updated in a digital CAD file so that the tilt of the solar panel changes according to latitude. By tilting the panel at different angles, the lamp’s capacity for electric power generation is optimized in its perpendicularity to the rays of the sun. The fixture can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Latitude Lamp by Nea-Studio (5)
When getting dark, the lamp will automatically start to light up, glowing gradually brighter from dusk to fall of darkness.

Nea-studio: Model-making, Rapid Prototyping & Materials Experimentation

Nea-studio is a Brooklyn, New York based studio that was founded back in 2006 by Nina Edwards Anker. The focus in their work is on architecture, product- and furniture design, landscape- and urban planning.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Latitude Lamp by Nea-Studio (4)The studio operates in a project environment in which implementation takes place in parallel with model-making, rapid prototyping and experimentation with ideas, materials, and manufacturing processes, such as in this case, 3D printing. The practice maintains a cross disciplinary nature where sharing ideas is an essential part of work philosophy.


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