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LEDbits: Designing with LEDs Finally made Easy


LEDbits: Build the Lamp of your Dreams in a only a few Steps

Many of us will confirm that building lamps with LED diodes is hard these days. Selecting the right components that seamlessly go together is a hard job. Not to forget about the safety. Yet, times are changing! Soon, LEDbits make it’s market entrance: a complete plug-and-play system that brings enhanced freedom to build nice quality lights, without the frustrations of electronical and thermal management and safety risks.

Set your Color – Shape the Form – Hit the Controls!

Getting up and running with your novel lighting concept is now just a matter of choosing the right light color, shape the beam by selecting the best suitable optics, and finally hit up your controls. By picking one of the available plug and play controls, or build your own controls with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you can fastly set up your functional customized light system.

3DPrinting.Lighting_LEDBits_Build BlocksLEDbits: Setting Up the System

With LEDbits, you can create lights ranging from cosy warm light to vivid cool white. Easily choose the color that best fits your mood or reflects the task you need to preform. For the case you rather want a spot light, or use your lamp to light the environment, you can always shape your light correctly by choosing the right LED optics!

At the electronics end, you can for for an easy switch of dimmer, but the system also goes hand in hand with Arduino or Raspberri Pi. The user finally decides what suits him best! In terms of materials finishing, you can select wood, use 3D printing, work with metal, silk or cork, and always attach the LEDbit in a way that it best suits your material.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Infographic_Selecting LEDbits for your ApplicationBlend LEDbits it into your Materials!

With the large selection of available connector plugs, the individual modules can be attached to virtually any material. It is easy to seamlessly blend them into your next lamp design.

“A modular toolkit that enable you to easily build modern lamps, while making use of the advantages of High Power LED technology”

3DPrinting.Lighting_LEDbits Application Example (1)Buildblocks for Makers

The team behind the concept, PicusLED in Eindhoven, intends to build a community of makers that proudly uses their LEDbits concept. Creative people can do amazing thingsg with LEDbits, and certainly inspire others with their work and motivate them as well to get started!

3DPrinting.Lighting_LEDbits Application Example (2)After more than two years of research, development and design, the team is getting confident that the time to show the concept to the world has arrived. The team of PicusLED, including Rob, Philip and Nikolai are working hard to finalize the designs and getting this fantastic concept ready for production.

3DPrinting.Lighting_LEDbits Application Example (3)LEDbits: Safe, Easy and Effective

With the coming of LEDbits, designing with LEDs is finally made easy, safe and accesible to anyone! These days, LEDbits project is getting prepared for launch on Kickstarter.

Keep watching them with us, there’s certainly many more to come!

Pictures in this blogpost are courtesy of PicusLED.