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3D Printed Hue Luminaires: Unleashing the Beauty of Light



Fusing the worlds of Light, Art and Technology, 3D printed luminaires allow limitless light effects, bringing a piece of art into the living room. Adding colorful and sustainable light sources as, for example, the innovative Philips Hue Wireless Controlled Light System, delivers a great lighting experience for any home.

3D Printed Hue Luminaires

With Hue, a simple finger swipe on your smartphone or tablet lets you create infinite personal light effects from a palette of over 16 million colors, shades of white and programmable light scenes. You can turn your 3D printed luminaires into stunning features such as illuminating the luminaires to tune in with the setting sun, by connecting it to automated internet services.

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A revolution in Lighting Design

3D printing provides more freedom, control and even personalization when designing great lighting products. There are fewer boundaries for creativity with as there are unlimited options to generate any mood or lighting effect. Combined, it is possible to create the most advanced, digital technologies for a functional, emotional and unique light object. The expression of colors as produced by Hue adds an surprising element that’s magical and mysterious, creating a sense of wonder.

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Fully compatible with Philips Hue

3D printed table and pendant luminaires, from for example Philips, Shapeways and i.Materialise, are fully compatible with the expanding Philips Hue lighting eco-system of bulbs, lamps, apps and switches. Philips even developed a special range of 3D printed fixtures that were especially designed for use with Hue. They were co-created with some globally-renowned design teams and displayed at the Light + Building Show in Frankfurt recently.

3DP.Lighting_3D printed Philips Luminaires with Hue (2)There’s more to discover on the various Philips Hue Lighting System components at the “Product Inspiration” corner of the connected website Inspiration.Lighting.