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Sheet Lamination (SL)

Sheet Lamination (SL) Technology

The sheet lamination 3D printing technique is mainly used to produce colored objects in a high detailed resolution. As a build material, thin layered materials like aluminum foil or paper based filaments are cut into appropriately shaped layers, often by lasers or a very sharp blade.

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3D Printing Technologies – Sheet Lamination Explained. Picture: 3DPIndustry.com

Layers are coated with adhesive and successively glued together layer by layer, similar to other 3D printing technologies. The precision of the result then depends mostly of the thickness of layered materials used. Objects that are printed with this technique may be additionally modified by machining or drilling after the printing process is completed.

In this technology – also referred to as Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) – paper based materials are most popular. 3D printed objects in paper are resistant and can be fully colored.