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How it Works

3D Printing – How it Works

The 3D printing process is quite simple: in fact, 3D printing is based on the idea of adding material: building up a product “layer wise”, or for precision manufacturing, such as printed optics, even with “droplets-on-demand”. This rather than starting with a solid block or sheet of material and then removing the material that you don’t want, such as machining.

3D Printing – How it Works – The Process Explained

3D Printing Lighting: Material Choices

Using 3D printing equipment today, you can already choose from a great variety of materials, such as plastics and metals to create your objects, with many more new materials on the rise. Having a digital CAD file that specifies the exact shape contours and complexity of the product to be printed, it’s only one step from the digital design process towards the real end-product.