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3DCompare: Transparant 3D Printing Prices by Trusted Providers

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3DCompare: Search Engine for the 3D Printing Industry

3DCompare launches the first professional comparison platform for 3D printing. Based in the UK, the portal matches companies in search for 3D printing solutions with verified, professional and established 3D printing service providers around the world. The Price Checker scans hundreds of 3D printing businessess and materials to help its users find the cheapest price for their prints.

3D Printing Market Development

Active in North America and Europe, 3DCompare is rapidly expanding these days into a global network. The growing demand for 3D printing asks for novel platforms and solutions to ease decision making of a broad offering. Experts estimate that, in 2020, the 3D market will grow to 28.9 billion US dollars, coming from a level of 13.2 billion in 2016. Industries such as automotive, architecture and dentistry have realised 3D printing potential for cheaper and better quality objects.

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The 3DCompare database includes additive fabrication services of leading providers.

Leading Industry Players and Technologies

Current partners include industry leaders such as iMaterialise, Shapeways and Makexyz. 3DCompare users have immediate access to the latest range of additive manufacturing technology including Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and a wide array of metals, plastics, resins and ‘multi-colour’ materials.

Picture of 3DCompare workflow
3DCompare – methodology and features

Get your Best Available Offer!

The 3DCompare database helps to select the best possible service for its users’ needs. Whether they want to compare prices, find out the shortest lead times, discover the best 3D Printing Materials, or learn about the shipping costs related to a particular job, any of 3D printing service providers listed in the portal is readily available to serve.

The team of 3D Compare is continuously extending its database in order to get the best offering for their users’ project. We’ll be watching it closely and we are sure there will be more news to be announced in the time to come!


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