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All of the Lights Installation by Budmen Industries


Illuminate your Imagination: 100 Unique 3D Printed Lamps Installation by Budmen Industries

‘All of the Lights’ by Budmen Industries is an immersive light installation including 100 unique 3D printed lamps. It acts as a unified display of individualism. The project represents a bright future where individuality is celebrated and reflected in environments that are as unique and complex as we, human beings, are.

Hand-crafted Digital Designs

The All of Lights installation redefines 21st century craft by combining art sculpture and digital fabrication. To attach a personal and human element to each of the designs, the designers decided to digitally sculpt each lamp shade by hand.

Image of All of Lights installation by Budmen Industries with individually crafted lamps
During the process, a variety of form families appeared while the personality of each lamp remained unique.

Following the designers’ unique approach, a great variety of different shades was created, each reflecting unique personalities. Some were symmetrical and had a pure geometrical appearance, while others were more gestural, feeling like captured motion. Or they were swirled and stretched into splendid spirals.

3D Printing Large Luminous Layers

In fact, 3D printers can build hundreds of identical objects but their real strength is in making hundreds of different objects at no extra cost. 3D printing is a shift from a world full of mass manufactured products to one where each item can be a unique reflection of our individuality (called ‘mass customization‘)

Image of Large Luminous Layers by Budmen Industries, straight from the Budmen Builder 3D Printer
Large Luminous Layers

A 3D printer creates objects layerwise. This process of stacking layers produces surfaces with striations similar to those seen on rock formations and tree bark. Printing with thick layers produces even more dramatic striations.

Image of the Budmen builder - the 3D printer used to create the lamps for the All of Lights project
The Budmen Builder

Illuminated Layers as Project Signature

Where for some applications the layering might be a limitation, the Budmen designers decided to see and use it as an charismatic feature of the process. The uniquely layered aesthetic is not only a process signature, but the object takes on an entirely new character when illuminated.

The Brains behind Budmen Industries

Budmen Industries was founded by Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe. Budmen is an artist, designer and ‘lifelong inventor’ as he describes himself. His creative work exploring digital fabrication has been featured at leading museums and other venues.

Picture of Budmen Industries founders for 3DPrinting.Lighting showing their All of Lights Installation.
Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe, founders of Budmen Industries, celebrating their work.

Stephanie is an artist as well, pastry chef, and photographer. Her photographs have been exhibited and sold in NYC and Chicago. Together, they created Budmen Industries.

Image at 3DPrinting.Lighting from of All of the Light Books by Budmen Industries.
All of the Light Project books – available for pre-ordering!

To celebrate the ‘All of the Lights’ project, Budmen released a special book on the immersive installation. Pre-order books are available for a special early-bird price, personalized and signed by the artists. Books will be shipped February 2018.

Pictures in this post were sourced from the Budman website.


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