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The General Lighting Market: Expanding and Evolving along the Way

The general lighting market forms the biggest sector of the lighting industry, followed by automotive lighting and backlighting. The general lighting market can be classified into light source used for replacement (also known as 'retrofits'), luminaires, and control systems. The luminaire market includes lighting applications for residential, industrial, shop, hospitality, office, architectural, and outdoor lighting purposes.

Market Drivers: Commercial and Residential Lighting

The commercial lighting and residential lighting segments are the major drivers for the global luminaire market. The luminaire generally comes in two main types: traditional and LED driven luminaires. The traditional lightings are categorized into CFL, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent. The traditional lighting market will see a decline in the sales because of the rising popularity of LED technology, and is on a clear transition path from traditional lighting technologies to LED.

Disruption of the Lighting Industry Value Chain

Meanwhile, disruption of the industry structure is becoming more apparent. Value in
the LED chip and package market is set to shift from backlighting to general lighting,
and players are beginning to expand downstream along the value chain. The evolving LED market is impacting industry dynamics along the entire general lighting value chain, with effects on light engine standardization, the fixtures market, replacements versus new installations, and channel mix.
[caption id="attachment_1520" align="alignnone" width="569"]3DPrinting.Lighting_Mc Kinsey_Perspectives on the Global Lighting Market Lighting the Way - Independent perspectives on the global lighting market by McKinsey, 2011.[/caption]

McKinsey: Lighting the Way - Perspectives on the Global Lighting Market

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