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SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023

Aug 20, 2023 - Aug 24, 2023

Image for event listing SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023 San Diego. Image courtesy of SPIE

SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023

A number of manufacturing industries are now seizing the opportunities that 3D printing/additive manufacture can provide in terms of novel designs, manufacturing versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Lighting is one of the emerging key industries, reason for the SPIE to organize a dedicated conference for it: SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023 in San Diego, United States.

3D Printing: From Prototyping to Production

In lighting, manufacturers have long used 3D printing for prototyping, but recent technology advancements in printers and materials have made it more feasible to use 3D printing to manufacture certain components for light fixtures. 3D printing offers the opportunity to design custom lighting components and fixtures on site and on-demand to suit the needs of the application and installation space, increasing satisfaction with the product.

Research and Novel Approaches: From Custom Optics to Mechanical Features

Realizing the benefits of 3D printing for lighting requires new, dynamic research that will identify the best methods and materials to produce high-quality, reliable custom lighting that is superior to traditionally made products. The thrust of this research must consider the thermal, optical, electrical, and mechanical needs of lighting systems and components, as well as testing and evaluation, in order to overcome current challenges and enable on-demand production at a reasonable cost.

Image by Luximprint showing examples of 3D printed optics for use in the SPIE 3D Printing Lighting 2023 Conference
An example of 3D printed lighting components: 3D printed optics. Image courtesy of Luximprint.

Examples of current issues for additively manufactured lighting include: investigation of materials with custom properties to print components that can serve end-use applications; understanding how dissimilar materials used in the same printer produce components with unique capabilities; and how printed components behave over time in lighting applications.

SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023

The SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting conference encompasses the wide range of topics related to the additive manufacturing of lighting. Technical and scientific papers related to the additive manufacturing of lighting components and systems, as well as overviews of the state-of-the-art are solicited. Research from different disciplines is encouraged.

The event runs from 20 – 24 August 2023 in San Diego, California, United States.

Paper submission and registration via: https://spie.org/opo/conferencedetails/3d-printing-for-lighting 


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