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Flux Lamp by Gabi Potsa: A Play of Harmonious Lines and Smooth Geometric Curves inspired by Falling Ribbons

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Inspired by falling ribbons, the Flux Lamp is defined by harmonious lines and smooth geometric curves. Consisting of a series of draped ribbons, the lamp makes a stunning statement, giving this piece an intriguing, almost illusory lighting effect. The irregular ribbons of the lamp add movement to the form and by thus creating an architectural effect that always creates a different impression depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Revolutionary Design meets 3D Printing

Amsterdam-based industrial and parametric designer Gabi Potsa wanted to combine the revolutionary possibilities of 3D printing with unique design possibilities to create pieces that cross the line between sculpture and industrial design, resulting in unique objects that leave a long-lasting impression.

Complexity for Free

The complex geometry of Flux can be produced by 3D printing only. 3D printing allows production on demand and near the customer’s location, reducing emissions related to shipping and extra stock. The lamp was originally designed for Freshfiber, but due to the early closure of the company, the development came to a halt in the last stages of prototyping.

Shortlisted by Designmilk

In 2022, the design shaped by Entrive Studio made it to the Judges’ Shortlist of DesignMilk’s LAMP competition. The designer is currently looking for partners to launch the collection.