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GetReady4 3D – Become a 3D Printing Professional in Just a Few Steps!

Image of Diogo Quental and Nadia Yaakoubi promoting their Get Ready 4 3D printing course

GetReady4 3D: Easily Learn – Understand and Identify 3D Printing Opportunities Online

Turn your ideas into reality with 3D printing. Learn an amazing new skills and be on the cutting edge of a technology that will soon change the economy. The GetReady4 3D Online Course aims to help people to understand the basics of 3D printing and understand the impact it will have on our future businesses and economy.

GetReady4 3D: Demystify Preconceived Ideas around 3D Printing

In the course, you will learn everything about the 3D printing process, understand its benefits, and demystify some preconceived ideas. You will also identify the major players within the 3D printing ecosystem and understand that there’s a place for new business models waiting for you. With easy to follow segments and plenty of real world examples, you will be able to learn how to take advantage of this amazing technology.

“Turn ideas into reality with 3D printing. be on the cutting edge of a technology that will soon change the economy.”

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Make your ideas become reality with 3D printing

What you will learn in this course?

♦ To understand the fundamentals of 3D printing;
♦ To know the 3D printing process and ecosystem;
♦ To understand the steps of the printing process;
♦ To materialise your idea into a real 3D object;
♦ To distinguish among printers, materials, and techniques;
♦ To comprehend the business potential of 3D printing technology.

Nadia Yaakoubi and Diogo Quental – the power behind GetReady4 3D

Who is this course intended for?

Basically, the course is recommended to anyone with an interest in 3D printing and who wants to take advantage of the 3D printing business opportunities.

More specifically, professionals and business leaders who want to understand this new way of making as well as the potential impact on their area of activity can greatly benefit from understanding the basics of this new industrial revolution.

Finally, students and young professionals that are either on the university of just graduated and now aim to set-up their own company, or just start working on their first job position.

Learn more about the course and opportunities at www.getready43d.com.