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Luxexcel Unveils Inspirational Showcases eBook


Inspirational Showcases eBook to Empower 3D Printed Optics Application

To help users define applications for its Printoptical Technology, Dutch Luxexcel recently released its Innovative Application Student Award Competition for Industrial Engineering Students of the Delft University of Technology. Today, an Inspirational Showcases Ebook was released capturing all the different projects.

We highlighted ‘Stuttgart’ and ‘Daylight Underground’ projects in the recent post ‘Luxexcel Group to Issue Innovative Application Student Award 2015‘ as interesting projects for lighting professionals. We might have missed however one project that would be very interesting to our key readers as well: ‘Raybender’ by TU Delft Student R. Baldewsing.

Raybender Art Lighting System

Art-pieces are often illuminate by spotlights. These spotlights create an egg-shaped light pattern on the art object and it’s surroundings. It results in a lack of uniformity in light intensity and that the art piece is illuminated suboptimal.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Raybender_TU Delft
‘Raybender’ Art Illumination System by TU Delft Student R. Baldewsing

The Raybender lighting system was designed to enhance the flexibility in designing a tailored illumination pattern for any art lighting solution. It makes use of a customized optic to control the light.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Raybender_Lens_System_TU Delft

The lighting system has a modular design and replacing a part is quite easy. By scanning the art object calculations can be made to tailor the shape of the light. The whole lighting system is designed to easily replace old spotlights.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Raybender_Infogaphic_TU Delft3D Printing Lighting Inspiration

You will find ‘Raybender’ and other impressive 3D printing references picked up in the ‘Inspiration‘ page of this website.


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