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Interplay Lighting: Redefining Lighting one Layer at a Time

Header Image for blogpost at 3DPrinting.Lighting on Interplay Lighting 3D Printed Fixtures

Interplay Lighting is an Eatonton, GA, United States-based manufacturer of 3D printed decorative lighting fixtures. Passionate about light, they love to play with light and reveal its power and beauty in ways that have never been done before. Interplay is anti-mass-produced, soulless, generic lighting, and tries to establish a new standard in elegant and customized lighting to fight ‘old-school’, ordinary, and cookie-cutter lighting.

The Interplay Lighting Team has been creating breakthrough lighting products for 25+ years. Image courtesy of Interplay Lighting.

​25 Years Breakthrough Lighting Experiences

The team at Interplay Lighting has a proven track record of creating breakthrough lighting products for over 25 years renowned firms, such as Cree Lighting. They hold dozens of patents on some of the most significant lighting innovations over the last two decades. 

3D Printing Architectural Lighting comes with Unparalleled Design Freedom. Picture courtesy of Interplay Lighting

With the introduction of the 3D printed lighting concept, Interplay is providing access to a new range of commercial lighting, architectural lighting and residential lighting solution taking benefit of unparalleled design freedom.

3D Printing Your Light Imagination

​Today we’re able to print our imagination in ways never dreamt of before. 3D printing technologies make it possible to create designs traditional manufacturing processes can’t. The results are stunning designs that capture the magic of light in ways that haven’t been seen before.

High output pendants and wall sconces enable the harmonious interplay of light, architecture, and people. Image courtesy of Interplay.

The layerwise building process of most 3D printing methodologies create fabric like appearances that looks soft, but are incredibly durable. And with countless material and color options, there is a look that’s just right for your setting to be lit.

“Give your home an instant upgrade with unparalleled lighting that makes people say “Wow!”

The company is another interesting start-up in the lighting arena that utilizes the power of 3D Printing to create unique and customized light experiences.

Interplay just launched a series of pendants and desk lamps based on the classic medium-base socket/cord/canopy design. You can visit their offering and easily buy via the online store.

We have added them to our ‘to watch’ list and will share more news upon availability!