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LightArt Coil Collection: From Waste to Watts


After over two years of intense research & development, the Seattle based company ‘Lightart’ finally shared its new ‘Coil Collection’ with the world. An exciting, 3D printed series of new pendants created from upcycled waste. These distinct matte fixtures have a look and feel like pottery, spun and handcrafted. Unexpected from fixtures produced through additive manufacturing.

A Unique Merge of Design and Upcycled Materials Science

How can we make recycled content look as good as possible? This was the key question during the product development phase for LightArt’s founder Ryan Smith and his team: “This is where things started to get really challenging. When we first started, it did not look polished—it looked like what you might expect when you’re trying to turn garbage into something beautiful. But we kept following the promise of the process, and made something we’re so proud of.”

Materials science and design came together at the LightArt production studio, aiming to create a material that looks unique, custom, and unlike previously seen upcycled materials. Image courtesy of LightArt.

The new Coil Collection addresses a central question the industry is facing: What can we do with waste? The team worked with the engineering division of parent company 3form to figure out what the base material possibilities were, and pushed the boundaries in collaboration with other polymer companies across the US to tap into collective expertise and drive for innovation.

Upcycling Plastic into Pendants: The Coil Collection

LightArt’s Coil Collection is made from internal waste material, but the brand hopes to expand the practice throughout the industry over time, as the LightArt facility strives to become a manufacturer of goods that are net positive in climate, waste, and energy.

LightArt’s Coil Collection is entirely made from internal waste material. Image courtesy of LightArt.

Visually Appealing Content, Curvatures and Distinct Geometries

The design team of LightArt aimed for recognized classic pendant shapes focused on distinct geometry and curvature with a matte finish, giving the fixtures a pottery-like quality. The textured finish, inherent to the additive manufacturing process, is complemented by subtle algorithmic adjustments to achieve a handmade, one-of-a-kind feel.

The LightArt tdesignersfinally chose seven elegant shapes, deliberately defining the endless options afforded by additive manufacturing to create a curated product with a distinct LightArt feel. Departing from what is expected from a 3D printed item, the form is textured, tactile, and unique.

Sustainable Innovation

In design, recycling and sustainable innovation cannot be the sole drivers for innovation —the product has to be attractive, too. LightArt wanted the color and aesthetic of the Coil Collection to have a distinct value. Sorting the colors of the waste through new technology, the company came up with a monochrome black and white palette for the pendants.

We at 3DPrinting.Lighting will keep following LightArt with great interest and report upon the availability of new and sustainable concepts!