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LimeLite One Motion®: A Fully 3D Printed Recessed Ceiling Mounting Rose


Introducing the LimeLite One Motion® recessed ceiling rose offers installers a whole new way to mount and height-adjust 3D printed pendants. A simpler and easier way that takes minimal effort while achieving maximum savings in valuable time. A way that’s not just different – but also better!

Limelite One Motion – From Dream to Production

LimeLite One Motion: A Next Generation Recessed Ceiling Rose

With the LimeLite One Motion, all the installer needs for a lighting cluster is to simply mark out the X & Y plus noting the Z coordinates supplied by the lighting designer, drill a 70mm hole at the marked spots and wire the pendant. Then, with (you guessed it…) ‘one motion’, the pendant can be installed and height-adjusted in record-breaking time.

LimeLite One Motion – quick and easy installation of the recessed ceiling rose

What’s more, by using (say) FaceTime® on a mobile device, the installer can then consult directly with the designer to refine the heights and orientation of luminaires – all in real time and while on site. Job done.

The Role of 3D Printing

3D printing in the early stages of design and manufacturing gave us the ability to keep refining and perfecting the One Motion design. Meanwhile, using knowledge gained in this stage, Limelite concluded that manufacturing the One Motion on its 3D printers would slow their ability to unitize our “just in time” system. It would simply take too much time when bulk orders were required. Thinking forward, they knew they would inject mould these common parts.

LimeLite’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub

Limelite 3D printers enable their ‘Advanced Manufacturing Hub’ to produce different track lights, pendants and wall light covers, all of which have common parts, industry 4, thinking and design. As many readers would know, ‘Industry 4.0’ fundamentally changes the way in which businesses create and capture value. This shift is enabled by a set of technologies including autonomous robots, simulation technology, system integration, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and big data.

Industry 4.0: A Major Driver for LimeLite Future Strategy

The more has been designed, the more the LimeLite team continues to dream. What they dream of now is better, more efficient and customer-friendly ways of doing business made possible by localization of manufacture – all made commercially feasible by 3D Printers in Advanced Manufacturing Hubs around the world.

LimeLite is dreaming BIG – and invites you to contact them to learn more!