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LPS 2018 Launching Platform for Additive Fabrication of LED Optics

Image of LPS 2018 printed by Luximprint Optical Technology

LPS 2018 Celebrates the Launch of Additive Fabrication Services for Custom Optics by Luximprint

“Additive Manufacturing Services for Functional and Decorative Optical Plastics Empower New Lighting System Design and Development”

Luximprint, a Dutch multi-market service provider for 3D printed optics, chose the 2018 LED professional Symposium and Expo as the springboard to launch its novel fabrication services for decorative and optical 3D printed plastics. Light engineering and design professionals in need for fast, flexible and cost-effective optics solutions can now take benefit of the unique advantages Additive Optics Manufacturing technology offers for new lighting system design and development.

Image with banner 'Future of Light'
LPS 2018 and TIL 2018 – Tradeshow and Conference on the Future of Light

LPS 2018: Springboard to the European Lighting Industry

Choosing ‘LED professional Symposium + Expo’ along with the co-located ‘Trends in Lighting’ event as a launching platform has been a strategic decision for Luximprint. Among the European Lighting events, LPS and TIL take a leading position in bringing the latest strategies related to new technologies and digitization closer to market professionals. It provides both engineers and designers of lighting systems a unique platform for new fixture development.

“Presence of digital manufacturing technologies is key, as it significantly contributes to improved system engineering and finally a healthier industry”.

Additive Optics Fabrication

Printed optics has come a long way in the lighting industry. Additive Optics Fabrication, marketed over the recent years by Luximprint, is a future-proof methodology of rapid prototyping custom LED optics by means of digital fabrication technologies. Direct ‘CAD-to-Optic’ manufacture avoids costly and uncertain commitments related to conventional optics manufacturing processes in the early development stages, such as upfront tooling investments and minimum order quantities.

Printed Optics by Luximprint were introduced at LPS 2018 to an audience of lighting system designers and engineers.

Printed products find their way find their way in a variety of engineering and (temporary) project applications, such as general lighting, (light) art, event- and interior design. Luximprint solutions serve mainly inspirational and functional demonstration purposes, as well as mold-/concept validation and pre-series fabrication.

Optographix: Optical Translucency for Branding and Interior Design

In addition to functional optical plastics, so-called ‘Optographix’ – as the name suggests a unique combination of optical translucency and full-color graphical expressions – are initially proposed at this years’ events to trigger lighting and interior designers.

Image of Luximprint Optographix - hand held carnival artwork
A colorful piece of artwork by Luximprint. Optographix creates novel possibilities for light and interior designers.

Optographix – compromised by full-color patterns and optical translucency – add value to artistry and design of spaces and are set to be a next method of translating a corporate or brand image by using a unique combination of 3D printing, optics and light.

Design for Additive Optics Fabrication

Educated and trained by Luximprint, the Luximprint ‘Optics Design Hub’ includes a network of affiliated optics designers through which Luximprint facilitates its users in designing for additive manufacture. Among them is Physionary, a Netherlands based optics design collective.

Image of handheld printed optic by Luximprint demonstrating faceted lens technology
Faceted Lens Technology was one of the novelties Luximprint and Physionary introduced at LPS 2018.

Listed for the 2018 LPS / TIL Award, Physionary provides a new revolutionary methodology for designers with light, enabling them to ‘put light where needed’. Physionary ‘Faceted Lens Technology’ greatly combines with Luximprint Additive Optics Fabrication Services as tailored lenses now can be made in a fast, flexible and cost-effective way. Above all, it provides anyone involved in the design and application of lighting systems with new tools for a more efficient and responsible use of light.

Image of demodisplay by Luminous Concepts for Luximprint at LPS 2018
Dutch Creative Design Firm Luminous Concepts created a colorful display showcasing the impressive Optographix capabilities of Luximprint.

Luximprint shared a booth at LPS / TIL 2018 where it demonstrated its cooperative approach in additive optics design and manufacture for future lighting systems together with the team of Physionary. 

At 3DPrinting.Lighting, we’re watching both Luximprint and Physionary with great interest!


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