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LUX Crystalline by Luximprint: Crystal Clear Optics with high UV-stability and Strong Impact Resistance

Image showing 3D Printed Optical Lens with hexagonal lens structures manufactured by Luximprint

Based in The Netherlands, Luximprint, a globally operating additive manufacturing firm specializing in rapid prototyping Custom Optics and Optographix, has recently announced the availability of its new range of new optical materials: the ‘LUX Crystalline’ series. Starting with the optically clear LUX Crystalline material to be launched this September 2023, further expansion is to be expected in the first half of 2024 with the successive launch of Crystalline diffuse and colored material solutions.

LUX Crystalline: Final Printed Optics Accreditation

Printed optics have come a long way since their initial invention back in 2009 by Luxexcel. Until recently, 3D printed optics mainly found their users in research, design and engineering environments – most notably hindered by limited UV- and temperature resistance. While Luximprint solutions have always delivered great value for rapid validation of optics designs and manufacturing tooling, and viable demonstrators, a final breakthrough remained to be seen. With the arrival of their new ‘LUX Crystalline’ material the manufacturing of optics conforms to commonly established market requirements is now possible. LUX Crystalline brings optical 3D printing methodologies the accreditation it’s been waiting for.

Rapid Optics Prototypes and Pre-Series

In addition to the generation of typical prototyping volumes, fully-fledged pre- and small-series manufacture is now within reach. The new ‘LUX Crystalline’ material allow for the generation of durable custom optics solutions with upward scaling potential into end-applications driving the further adoption across a variety of applications and markets.  

“Enhanced material stability, impact resistance and prolonged lifespan propel 3D printed optics to the next level”

This next step marks a significant milestone in Luximprints’ history. While the focus to date has been much on improving the 3D Platform capabilities and software, it is exciting to see that now also the materials side of things aligns. The new LUX Crystalline material is exceptionally UV-stable, and can also be applied in outdoor solutions. This offers great new perspectives for our users, some of whom have been waiting for a while for this moment to arrive”.

According to Luximprint, the new materials are meeting the requirements for both prototyping- and end parts in challenging industries, in accordance with common standards such as REACH, RoHS and WEEE.

Image showing various custom optics prototypes in LUX Crystalline Material

Optically Smooth Surfaces Straight from The 3D Printer

The biggest takeaway is the ‘free complexity’ one gets from utilizing the optical 3D printing process. The smooth yet accurate build allows for a broad generation of a variety of optical features, textures, and finishes. Add to that the manufacturing speed, flexibility and cost-efficiency of the additive process, customization and diversification become at once extremely relevant for designers and engineers aiming for shorter faster cycles and a shorter way to the market.

Rapid Prototyping Custom Optics in Days

Printoptical Technology innovated by Luximprint is a different approach to generating custom optics rapidly by a 3D printer, hence providing the speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiency traditional optical manufacturing processes lack. The company offers lead times of typically 5-10 business days for prototyping jobs, which may go a little up from there once order volume goes up. The minimum order quantity for typical optical products is “1”.

Luximprint announced it will take in new orders for the LUX Crystalline material as of October 01, 2023.