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OPTIS lower the Bar for Designing 3D Printed Optics


Unique Integrated Collaboration to Provide a fast Way of Designing Custom Optics

Optis, a leading software vendor for the scientific simulation of light, human vision and physically correct visualization, recently announced a collaboration on an integrated software level. The company enable an easy route from the CAD to fast and customized 3D printed optics prototyping.

Optics Software and Additive Manufacturing: A Powerful Combination

To speed up the optics design and prototyping process Luxexcel and OPTIS combine software and 3D printing technologies to provide a complete service to optical designers. Users of the software can now virtually design their lens within the OPTIS software and 3D print their CAD design with printed optics technology.

Luxexcel and OPTIS -
printed optics – fast way of getting new product tested and approved
Online Design and Ordering

With the integration of the optical print resin in the OPTIS Library designers can create their file with the appropriate material properties included. This will significantly speed up the optics design- and prototyping process and increase the final reliability of the product to manufacture.

Luxexcel and OPTIS - OPTISLIB, the Online Optis Materials Library
Luxexcel and OPTIS – OPTISLIB, the Online Optis Materials Library
After the users designed their lens or light guide, they can upload and order it instantly and get the printed optics parts shipped within days.

Digitally Modelling Custom Optics Prototypes and ‘Proof-of-Concepts’

OPTIS’ software solutions enable the optical designer and design engineer to create a digital lighting plan and optical design of their future product. Within the software these virtual prototypes can be tested and verified immediately. Following the digital model, optical designers often need to create a real optical prototype or proof of concept.

Fast and Efficient Way of Iterative Design Processing

In the earlier days, it took quite a long time to order prototypes of the final design. It came along with high upfront investments. “With our software and the additive optics manufacturing technique you can speed up this process and reduce your costs significantly”, says Jacques Delacour, founder and CEO of OPTIS.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Luxexcel and Optis Software Cooperation_Optics
Luxexcel and OPTIS – fast optics design and manufacture
When designing a new optics part, you want first to see it, feel it, test it and if applicable you may need to iterate it in a fast and cost-efficient way. This new methodology offers this possibility.

User Cases Automotive Lighting

Here are some detailed user cases of Pillow, Fresnel and Near Field lenses in automotive lighting applications.
Luxexcel and OPTIS user cases - Pictures courtesy of Optis.
OPTIS user cases – Pictures courtesy of Optis.

More Information and Availability

Multi-market prototyping services for printed optics in illumination applications as designed by OPTIS are offered by the Dutch service provider Luximprint.


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