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Luxexcel launches Unique Lens Design Creator


New Luxexcel Lens Design Creator Democratizes the Way Illumination Optics are Made

3D printing technology combined with optics manufacturing is an extremely powerful solution to the rapid prototyping landscape. Dutch Luxexcel, specialized in the 3D printing of optics and optical components, introduced its unique Printoptical Technology to print optical products without visible layering. In order to democratize the way optical products are made, Luxexcel now cooperates with trinckle 3D to develop a range of lens design creator tools that ease the design of custom LED lenses.

“The NEW Design platform bringS optics design within reach of every designer”

The unique lens design creator enables the creation of a custom plano convex or concave lens in seconds. Ready to be ordered. The new tool is available at Luxexcel’s recently launched online order platform. Now every designer, skilled or not, can create his custom, optimized plano convex and concave lenses tailored for his exact application. With many more to follow!

Create your Custom Lens Design

Luxexcel wants to redefine the way optical products are designed and manufactured. The platform of trinckle 3D enables Luxexcel to make this first step to bring optics design within reach of every designer. Instead of creating a CAD file yourself, the lens creator will automate most of the work, without the costly commitments and time losses you usually may have.

The Luxexcel Lens Design Creator – How does it work?

In order to get a custom 3D design of a plano convex or concave lens, basic optical values like focal length and lens diameter must be entered in the specific fields. Once the file is created and saved, it will be available in a personal gallery. In this gallery your design is ready for ordering and, within only 5 business days, the custom lens are printed and shipped to the customer.

“The lens creator tool WILL democratize the way ILLUMINATION optics are maDE”

The lens creator tool is complementary to the recently launched online ordering platform and democratizes the way optics are manufactured. It is also possible to upload your own custom 3D file created in other software programs. The online ordering platform supports most of the used CAD file types.

Here’s a small instructable by Luxexcel that shows how easy the design platform works:

A New World of Optics Development

 “With our new design tool we want to take the next step in opening up the world of optical development” said Peter Paul Cornelissen, Head of Marketing & Online Business Development at Luxexcel. “Lowering the bar to make use of optimized optics for its application, and taking away the limitations of standard stock products will be a game changer for many designers that use optics in their products.”

Lens Design for Dummies and Professionals

Will the newly launched tools harm the existing optics software business? If we may give it a shot: they won’t. The intention is to make the creation of easy shaped lenses more accessible and to get them manufactured in a less complicated and very fast way.

For more complex designs that require a certain level of expertise, Luxexcel provides a different solution: At the optical Designer Hub you will find independently working optics designers listed that are approved by Luxexcel who can help users out with need for complex lens designs or enhanced custom solutions.

Well, it’s a notable next step in the ongoing digitization of manufacturing processes that are helpful for lighting professionals. We’re curious to see what’s next!


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