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Optographix by Luximprint to be launched at Trends in Lighting 2019 Bregenz

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Trends in Lighting, the international show for Architects, Lighting Designers, Planners and Investors, is running in parallel with the established LED professional Symposium and Expo in Bregenz, Austria, at the heart of the European Lighting Industry. Luximprint, Dutch service provider for additively fabricated custom optics, decided to use the event as a launching platform for one of its latest technology advancements: Optographix by Luximprint.

Optographix by Luximprint

In addition to its primary business of optically functional 3D printed optics, Luximprint offers now 3D printed optical graphics: Optographix. The novel solutions enable interior and lighting designers and anyone involved in branding and interior design the possibility to start working with the ‘medium of light’ in a different way.

‘Northern Lights’ is a stunning lighting installation by Dutch Creative Design Firm Luminous Concepts utilizing the power of 3D Printed Optics and Optographix. Image courtesy of Luminous Concepts.

Marco de Visser, Co-Founder of Luximprint explains: “Optographix offer the international design community new ways of engaging with light. By using novel 3D printing technologies, translucent media and optically clear or colored resins and combine them with day and artificial lighting, surfaces are brought to life and start to create compelling and stunning light effects“.

Trends in Lighting vs. LED professional Symposium

For Luximprint, both leading lighting events in Bregenz are of great relevance. This year, Luximprint will be presenting printed LED optics at the LED professional Symposium. An interactive lecture will teach an audience of industry professionals how ‘Additive Optics Design and Fabrication Pave the Path to Novel System Design and Lighting Applications’. Seen from a purely functional perspective, the messaging is most relevant to engineers and designers of functional lighting systems.

The TiL 2019 program, at the other hand, explores a new horizon for lighting. The show has, for the third year in a row, created an outstanding event program, dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture, application, design and technologies.

‘Butterfly’ by Luminous Concepts is an interactive lighting installation in progress utilizing Luximprint Optographix Technology. Image courtesy of Luminous Concepts.

Optographix, which are considered as a ‘first-class lighting novelty’ are basically produced with the same printing process as printed optics. The optical translucency of the structures, critical for creating optically functional textures and typography, is created by applying the same optical resin formula in the printing and combining it with unique graphical 3D design methods. It is a perfect fit with the TIL 2019 visitor profile.

De Visser continues: “Optographix are a great new tool for brand enhancement and artistry, as they open up doors to applications and design spaces that were not accessible before”. When considering light as a medium rather than a static light source, suddenly, new ways of designing with light become within the reach”.

Lightly Technologies and Physionary

During the exhibition, Luximprint will be flanked by two more interesting lighting start-ups: Lighting Technologies, inventor of the revolutionary thin and powerful LED panels and Physionary, the Dutch design collective behind the groundbreaking Faceted Lens Technology.

Hikari SQ – Building Blocks for Lighting and Fixture Design

Lightly’s Hikari SQ LED panels at the one hand, go very well together with Luximprint Optographix. The powerful yet smooth light output are excellently suited as backlighting for Optographix. The fully controllable, ultra-thin and easy-to-integrate panels are a preferred choice by todays designer community.

Image of Lightly Hikari SQ display with embedded optographix. Image by Gavriilux.
Luximprint 3D Printed Optographix embedded in a display of Lightly Technologies.
Image by Gavriilux – www.gavriilux.com

Faceted Lenses: Light Where Needed

Physionary Design Software, on the other hand, is of great interest when it’s been used in the combination with Luximprint Additive Optics Fabrication technology. Where optical 3D printing breaks down the barriers in traditional lens manufacture, such as long lead times, tooling and inventory, Physionary software does so for the optics design part of the process.
The combination of both novel technologies is extremely powerful as it is now possible to create custom optics for any particular project case in a matter of days.

The Fresnel Sunflower Optic is an example of Faceted Lens Specialty designed by Physionary and printed by Luximprint. Image courtesy of Luximprint.

We will be following the further path of those interesting lighting start-ups with great interest, and keep you posted in case of new breakthroughs!

The powerful decorative and functional ‘start-up collective’ can be visited from September 24th-26th, 2019 in the Bregenzer Festpielhaus at booth #S3 – #S5 and #S7.


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