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Philips Lighting Telecaster

Image of 3D printed lights collection by Philips Lighting at Euroshop Düsseldorf

Philips Lighting Telecaster: Philips New Venture for 3D Printed Architectural Lighting

Philips Lighting Telecaster is a new venture that is bringing the magic of 3D printing to architectural lighting. Initiated by Philips, the ‘print-on-demand’ technology and product configuration tools enable tailored custom lighting fixtures to be produced in new creative ways.

Philips Lighting Telecaster - a Philips initiative aiming to change the future of lighting fabrication

3D Printing by Philips Research

Telecaster is evolving from years of initial 3D printing exploration and development. Various digital manufacturing technologies were adopted and discovered by the Philips Research team in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Philips Research optimized various 3D-printing technologies that dramatically increase the speed and lower the cost of 3D printing, finally bringing it into the reach of their volume luminaire lines.


Picture of 3D printed eco downlight by Philips Lighting Telecaster

Exploring the Rich Possibilities of AM

Telecaster is a new internal venture team, that was tasked to commercialize those efforts and explore the rich possibilities inherent in digital additive manufacturing. Here, you can think of new 3D printing materials, different form factors, as well as  mass-customization services for tailored products.

To date, Philips has developed numerous styles of fixtures: 3D-printed decorative pendants, track spots, downlights and even large highbay fixtures.

Picture of 3D printed pendant lighting fixture by Philips Lighting Telecaster
High bay fixture as developed in the Philips Lighting Telecaster Program

Complex Shape Geometry in Volumes

Users are able to select from expressive geometric shapes and new materials textures to create combinations truly unique to any project. Unlike other 3D printing technologies, Philips Lighting Telecaster technology is ready for volume applications today.

The new series includes various downlights, pendants and projectors in a stylish performance.

Philips Lighting Telecaster Pilot Projects

Philips Lighting has piloted its various 3D printing technologies today in several real-world installations. Here are a few examples:

Setting the Pace for Future Lighting Design and Development

It seems, Philips finally found a way of adopting 3D printing technology to change and grow its future lighting business from the inside.

We’re watching the interesting developments closely, hopefully there’s more news to launch soon!

More information on the concept and availability at the Tailored Lighting Creations website.


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