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Plumen 3D Printed Lamp Shades: Recycled, Recyclable and Biodegradable

Header image used in blog about Plumen 3DP biodegradable fixtures at 3DPrinting.lighting

In its latest designer collaboration with Batch.works, UK start-up Plumen pushed the boundaries of sustainable design to bring a range of 3D printed lamp shades to the market. The shades are made by using recycled plastic filaments from water bottles, fridges and other sources of plastic pollution. Here are some further introductions to the stunning decorative lighting collection of Plumen 3D Printed Lamp Shades.

Collaboration with Batch.works

Batch.works was established back in 2016 by former architect Julien Vaissieres. The aim of his newly invented company has been to create affordable and eco-friendly products, making the most out of 3D printing, most notably its speed and efficiency. Recently, Batch.works cooperated with five different design studios to create the Plumen 3D Printed Lamp Shades collection. The collection was inspired by everything from the Bauhaus movement to geometric forms of the Art Deco era.

Here are some of the highlights of the Plumen 3D Printed Lamp Shades Collection:

Image of the Ribbon 3D printed fixture by Plumen for use in the blog on biogradable designs by 3DPrinting.Lighting.
‘Ribbon’ by BOLD features a fluid surface that bends over itself. Image courtesy of Plumen.

Ribbon by BOLD

‘Ribbon’ features a fluid surface that bends over itself. The space created within the shade is filled with light, revealing and emphasizing the different volumes created by the enveloping surface. The vertical lines that run through the shade, combined with the horizontal layers characteristic of the 3D printing technologies used, amplify the idea that a piece of textile has solidified around the light to direct and enhance it.

NEO by Matthias Lauche

One other pendant fixture in the 3D printed range, named ‘Neo’, is based on geometric forms of the Art Deco era. Its designer, Matthias Lauche, has been taking familiar, historic shapes and cast them in a new role using 3D printing. Two shades stack on top of one another to fit and frame Willow’s delicate silhouette. The dual nature of the shade means several color combinations are possible.

Image showing 3D printed fixtures by Plumen inspired by Art Deco for use in the 3DPrintnig.Lighting Blog.
Image of applied 3D printed Plumen  NEO pendants for use in 3DPrinting.Lighting blog.
The first designs from the NEO collection are available with more to follow. The shades come in black or white, with custom colors available on request. Images courtesy of Plumen.

HIVE by Luke Deering

Following his earlier successes, designer Luke Deering was asked by Plumen to create another bespoke shade for the bulbs collection. The result was a biomorphic, recycled 3D printed shade called ‘Hive’.

Image of HIVE by Plumen as illustration used in the 3DP.Lighting blog on Plumen and biogradability.
‘Hive’ is an elegant biomorphic design drawing on the natural grace of the honeycomb structure. Image courtesy of Plumen.

Housed within the tessellating hexagonal design, the fluid shape resembles the flight path of an assiduous bee conducting its admirable work, or the softer curves and calmer light of the other version.

Image of 3D printed Plumen  pendants as a color twist.
The colorful HIVE shades work to frame the bulbs, allowing their beauty to shine through, while also taming the glare of their naked light. Together, they become a unified and natural objet d’art. Images courtesy of Plumen.

Biodegradable materials: Recycled and Recyclable

The new Batch.works lampshades are all made with a filament supplied by Amsterdam’s social enterprise Reflow, which recycles and repurposes plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated. They’re also 3D printed to order at Batch.works, significantly lowering the amount of produced waste.

Closing the life cycle of the design, when you’re finished with them, they can be recycled with the rest of your domestic plastics, ready to be reinvented once more.

We’re delighted to see inventive start-up companies like Plumen breaking a lance for biodegradable lighting solutions. So Signify did with launching its recent services for tailormade 3D printed luminaires using recycled CD’s to create distinctive light shades for its users to demand.

We’ll keep following the Plumen team with great interest, keep our eyes open and inform you about further releases in 2020…


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