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Pollen Lamps: Raising Awareness for Pollen Issues by 3D Printed Lighting


Pollen Art by ZHDK : Light to Raise Awareness about Hay Fever

In Switzerland 20% of the population suffers from hay fever between January and August. Hay fever is caused by pollen like grass, ash, birch, sunflower, ragweed, and dandelions. 

Picture showing Betula - the Birch Pollen Lamp
Betula – The Birch Pollen Lamp

Pollen Density

A density of many thousands pollen per cubic meter can be measured on some days. During these peak periods, not only allergy sufferers are affected but also people usually not allergic to pollen.

During pollen season, allergy sufferers usually try to avoid the outdoors and getting close to trees and flowering plants. The truth is, pollen is carried even inside our homes. They get inside while airing the room or are simply carried inside on one’s clothes or hair.

ZHDK: Raising Awareness for Pollen Issues

The ZHDK design project aims on raising awareness on these issues by making pollen visible for the first time: the pollen lamps.

The lamps are composed of three main parts: The lamp shade, the lamp cord and the cover lid. The lamp shade and the cover lid are 3D printed with white nylon powder. It gives the lamp a course, sandlike texture. LED Bulbs are used to give the lamps different colours.

Picture of Pollen lamps collection by Zurich University of the Arts

The pollen lamps were developed in collaboration with the designers Roman Jurt and Michael Kennedy from the Zurich University of the Arts.


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