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Relio²: The Most Versatile Illuminator Ever!

Image of Relio² set-up for 3DPrinting.Lighting

Relio² is a state-of-the-art professional lighting solution, aiming at those who work with light and need a calibrated, modular light source that is extremely similar to Sunlight. The concept stands out trough its extreme color rendition and the smallest, most versatile form factor in the world. It’s a combination of perfect color balance, very high intensity and sharpness. The instrument is engineered to be the holy grail for film, photography, artisans, researchers and creative minds and renders colors just like Sunlight does.

Color Rendering like Sunlight does

The light of the Sun, always in your pocket. The light of the concept brings forth extreme color fidelity – up to 98% native TLCI. This makes Relio² truly unique in its kind. In addition, light quality is guaranteed by making full spectrometric data publicly available to download. The light normalisation LUTs enable Relio² to reach 100% virtual TLCI, what is unequalled in todays market.

The versatile Relio product offers a million uses, where color really matters. See how Relio² helps People, Companies, Museums and Academies in their color-critical projects.

Relio – 3D printable accessoiries: Beautiful, open-source, and free

To make the concept even more appealing, Relio is the first manufacturer to offer official, 3D-printable accessories for their Relio² Illuminator to download for free. They are anticipating a future trend: repurposing technology to make it more sustainable.

3D-printing allows in-house fabrication of already-engineered Relio² accessories.

Relio releases all its accessories under a Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 license, to enable its users to build upon, improve, manufacture and even sell the items they have build with no limitations.

“The Best Accessories you can Buy: The Ones you don’t have to Pay for”.

The portfolio of system accessories is engineered to be easily printable by entry-level FDM® 3D printers. They’ll push the Relio² concept beyond the limits. Here are some of the User-submitted accessories that are available so far:

Challenge the Relio Team

It is very well possible that one will be using Relio² for something that the developers had not anticipated. The Relio team is eager to share the source-codes of the reference socket to enable new innovation. It’s a valid starting point to build compatible add-ons.

Feel free to engineer your own accessory! The Relio team would be delighted to add your accessory to their collection, along with your story… and glory!


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