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Repro-Light: Would the Luminaire of the Future be fully 3D Printed?

Image of Repro-light for the 3DPrinting.Lightig blog

Repro-light Consortium aims to Revolutionize the Lighting Industry by 2020

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, an European project for re-usable and re-configurable parts for sustainable LED based systems was initiated by lighting industry leaders. Named ‘Repro-light’, it aspires to successfully initiate a transformation in the European lighting industry, with the ultimate aim of creating the ‘Luminaire of the Future’. We thought it would be good to write a brief update on it, as it will significantly affect our future and inspire our readers!

Innovative Technologies and Materials

The Repro-light project harnesses innovative technologies and materials and aim to implement modular luminaire architecture as never attempted before. Called the ‘Luminaire of the Future’, it will include a smart production scheme and the development of a reconfigurable easily customizable LED luminaire.

Image projecting the Luminaire of the Future by Repro-light for 3DPrinting.Lighting

Market Focus: From Energy into Function

The Repro-light project is perfectly timed to capitalize and lead this transformation. It is set to change the reputation of the LED luminaire from a disposable object, into a customizable and sustainable product, with a high function value. The LED market is currently mid-transformation, shifting its focus from energy efficiency to function values, therefore the timing of the project is perfect!

Consortium of EU Lighting Experts

Led by representatives and driving forces from the European lighting industry, as well as manufacturers, experts on lighting sustainability and the Social Sciences, the Repro-light consortium possesses the excellence and the influence to not only execute this project successfully, but also invoke a sustainable change in the European lighting industry beyond the lifetime of the project.

OEMs – Innovation leaders – Universities

The need for projects like Repro-light has been highlighted over the last years by leading lighting experts and institutions. Now, some of these thought-leaders join forces in the Repro-consortium. It includes several leading European manufacturers such as TRILUX, BJB, Ground Zero, and Rohner Engineering.

Image by 3DPrinting.Lighting including the logo's of the partner organizations joining forces in Repro-light
The Consortium is compromised of EU Lighting Industry Leaders and Institutions.

In addition, it contains remarkable innovative members of the lighting industry as Bartenbach and Luger Research, as well as experts on lighting sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment IREC and Mondragon University who are prominent in Social Sciences.

Market Needs and Requirements

The project’s first phase is underway. This initial phase of work will focus on analysing the customer needs and technical requirements. This information is vital for the following project stages, the initial phases finishing by March 2018.

Project Updates: Stay Tuned!

To receive updates on the project progress, to receive additional information about Repro-light or to learn about its partners, please visit the website.

We at 3DPrinting.Lighting strongly believe there is no future for the lighting industry without incorporating 3D printing in product design, development and operations, so we’ll be following the project updates with great interest and inform you once interesting developments come to pass. Stay tuned!


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