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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM, also known as 3D printing) is a term used to describe any one of various processes used to synthesize a 3D-object. It is the direct fabrication of end products and components using technologies that deposit materials upon each other, mostly layerwise.

3DPrinting.Lighting_additive manufacturing - How-it-Works
additive manufacturing – how it works

Complexity at Low Cost

AM enables the manufacture of geometrically complex, low-to-mid volume production components in a range of materials, with little, if any, fixed tooling or manual intervention beyond the initial product design.

The power of additive manufacturing is not just about the localization of production or the creation of spare parts. Its benefits are becoming more evident in mainstream production and we’re seeing more and more applications that feature complex, customized solutions which increase functionality, while reducing lead time and waste.

3D Printing Lighting for Professionals

At this 3DPrinting.Lighting blog we focus on the useability and applications of this novel technology for lighting professionals providing them with the latest news and updates from the field.

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