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Printed Electronics

Printed electronics is a set of printing methods used to create electrical devices on various substrates. Printing typically uses common printing equipment suitable for defining patterns on material, such as screen printing, flexography, gravure, offset lithography, and inkjet.

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printed electronics

Printed Electronics – Market Forecast & Events

The market for flexible, printed, and organic large-area electronics is growing very fast. Current estimates go over $1B. The global market increase is expected to a $45B by 2016. The majority of this market growth will come from new markets enabled or disrupted by the use of flexible substrates. Opportunities enabled by low-cost printing of full-feature electronics are expected to contribute significantly as well. Finally, electronic devices integrated into novel systems or different form factors will bring new possibilities.

There are a couple of interesting events to this topic around the globe, such as the 3D Printed Electronics Europe 2016 event, organized by IDTechEx.

Organic and Printed Electronics Explained

In the printing process electronic functional materials, either liquid or pasty, are replacing printing inks. Here´s a short movie on the topic to explain:

Thus the printing of electronics can be used for multiple purposes – either for light design or for touch sensors, integration in solar cells or for battery technologies.

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