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U RoK Design Studio – a Unique Lighting Design-Maker Practice


U RoK Design Studio: Create Unusual Designs that please the World and Living Space around us

U RoK Design, a family-owned design-maker studio, is based in Stourbridge, UK. The practice was founded in September 2014 by the Latvian designer-maker Roberts Kulins. The author of ‘idea and concept’ is passionate about creating unusual design objects and finding new ways that make the world and living space around us more pleasant.

U Rok Design - a wooden 3d printed light
U Rok Studio – Wooden 3D printed Light with diffusive lens cover.

Nordic Asperity, Creativity and Style

Natural and sustainable materials feature, along with nature primordialism, Nordic asperity, creative and ascetic style all at the same time – it are the influences of the designer’s place of birth. The lighting products in this post are made by using cutting edge 3D printing technologies.

3D printed light tube by U Rok Design Studio

Hand Made 3D Printed Lighting

U RoK Design offers a wide variety of 3D printed lighting products. The collection varies from classic wooden suspension lamps to raw steel industrial style luminaries. The lamps fit equally well in the modern urban home as well as in a country cottage. The aim of U RoK Design is to create products that are pleasant in experience, suitable for every application, reasonable in price and an accessible for everyone.

Lighting made Perfect together!

U RoK Design provides tailored design products and services, and is always happy to work with customers that have special requests. Match products to specific customer desires and needs is their ultimate work.

All Kulins‘ products are handmade in the UK and as unique as your fingerprint!

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