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3DPrinting.Lighting_High Tech Campus EindhovenHigh Tech Campus Eindhoven

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTC) is a high tech center and Research & Development ecosystem in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The High Tech Campus houses over 100 companies and institutions, comprising over 8,000 R&D-staff and entrepreneurs from different 50 nationalities.

Accelerating Innovation

The HTC in Eindhoven is likely the smartest kmĀ² in The Netherlands. Housing over 140 companies and institutes, thousands of researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products.

Campus companies, including Philips, NXP Semiconductors, Intel and IBM, strategically decide what knowledge, skills and R&D facilities they share in order to achieve faster, better and more customer-oriented innovation. The technology finds its way and application in healthcase, energy and smart environments.

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Embedding 3D printing in the various technology fields is something most of the companies around are expirementing with, simply because they believe in the breakthrough of this technology and the new possibilties in design and manufacture it may generate.

More information at the website of the HTC itself.