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While we’re very selective about our guest contributors, we do accept high caliber blog posts from professionals and industry leaders.

Topics We’re Looking to Cover
To give you a better idea of what we’re looking for, here are some topics we feel deliver the most value to our readers:

Novel 3D Printing Technologies; with ‘novel’, we mean really technologies that stand out from the established markets due to its inventive nature, integration, hardware, software, materials, etc.; ‘Inventive power’ and ‘Differentiation’ are key!

▪  New Approaches; we strongly believe in a future where 3D Printing will be key in designing new lighting concepts. Old proven methodologies approached in a different, 21st century way.

Generating Awareness: Topics that are generating awareness for engineering and design professionals and aim to improve the state of the lighting industry or the world around us;

▪ Event Updates; are you an event organizer or editor? Want to attract the right people to your event or blog? We can provide you access to a great audience of professionals!

If you’re interested in contributing to the 3DPrinting.Lighting blog, please read the following guidelines and drop us an e-mail.

***Please note: We only accept original content pieces, a “no follow” link will be credited to the guest blogger. We will not link to your company homepage or product page – we will link to a relevant blog post or article on your website.

Who We Are
3DPrinting.Lighting is the Lighting Industry’s leading Platform for Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing information and inspiration. We connect lighting professionals to new technology innovations, events, and raise awareness for topics that impact the health and future of the lighting industry.

Our posts and recommendations use proprietary inventions, concepts, and events to capture lighting people’s attention from an engineering and application/design perspective.

We at 3DPrinting.Lighting work primarily with event organizations, research institutes, publishers on various sides of the lighting business and connect them to lighting professionals: engineers, designers and OEMs. We’re always looking for great posts that speak to these types of leaders.

Our readers, containing engineers and designers in a variety of high-tech industries are always interested in new ways to engineer and apply hardware, software and material solutions, best practices, as well as innovative and cutting-edge 3D printing technologies.

Quality Guidelines
As we’re sure you know, there is already so much content about 3D printing and technology. We aim to be a high-end, vertically oriented blog that publishes content that matters and inspires our lighting peers. We have no interest in publishing low-quality blog posts. Quality is everything. We look for original, practical, real-world examples that show real inventions, real successes — breakthroughs and even real failures.