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Jakajima: Matchmaker For Innovators

Jakajima is the matchmaker for innovators in the high tech industry, ranging from 3D printing to Internet of Things, from Unmanned Systems (Drones) to Health Tech, from Sport Innovation to Photonics and from Experience Design to 3D Food Printing.

Technology and Business Opportunities

As technology develops itself from atoms to bits and from bits to atoms, traditional boundaries between value chains disappear which lead to new business opportunities.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Jakajima Media Partner 3D Printing Events
From its position, the company organize activities that bring inventors and innovators from different value chains and different professions together, finally aiming to endeavour innovations and to generate new partnerships, products and/or services.

JakajimaJakajima’s Matchmaking Activities

The company organizes those activities that bring innovators from different value chains and professions together, in order to endeavor innovations and to create new partnerships, new products and new services.

Some of the events they organize:

Finally, Jakajima’s ‘leitmotif’ is the combination of business, technology, creativity, enthusiasm and a sense of humour.