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iPhone Lamp by Ivan Zhurba


Iphone Lamp by Ivan Zhurba: Enjoy Task Lighting and Music while your Mobile Phone is Charging

The iPhone Lamp by Ivan Zhurba is a designful eco lamp that can use your iPhone flashlight for reading books , magazines or to listen to your favorite music while the mobile device itself is charging. The lamp is also equipped with a sound amplifier that makes your music sounds brighter and louder. Let’s find out a bit more on this stylish and user-friendly design lighting concept.

Lighting and Charging in one Shot

The iPhone Lamp is an elegant, yet simple arm that holds your iPhone. While hidden in its nook, the phone can be used as a functional task or reading light by activating the flashlight feature.

iPhone Desk Lamp – A clean and mean task light for table top use including an iPhone holder.

Since the bottom of the iPhone remains exposed, a charging cable can remain plugged into it and reproduce some Spotify or iTunes music over Wi-Fi. The iPhone 4/4s and 5/5c fit into the actual design, and a version for the new iPhone 6 is already under design.

iPhone Lamp Design Sketches

AutoCAD 2012 and Autodesk 3ds Max were used to create the initial design sketches, before taking the step towards 3D printing a functional prototype.


When writing this article, I thought also about The Relio Flens and F-Sign Table Luminaires that I wrote about earlier. Clean and smart design, combined with user-friendlyness and ease of use.

3DPrinting.Lighting_iPhone Lamp Book
Reading your favorite magazine or book with help of the iPhone Lamp.

Pictures in this post are sourced from the website of Ivan Zhurba.


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