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The New .MGX Catalogue: Informative and Inspiring



As a pioneers in 3D printed designs with more than 10 years of ground-breaking, award-winning collaborations with leading designers from around the world, .MGX has a great design collection of 3D printed objects available ready to bring a new dimension into the home. The new catalogue is just released and provides a comprehensive overview of various impressive designs as created by leading designers.

3DPrinting.Lighting_.MgX classicsChallenging Technology – Engaging Designers

We live in a society buzzing with technology, spending our days in a whirlwind of impressive images, new products, and an overwhelming number of information. Being inspired by this enervy, .MGX challenged some of the worlds’ top designers to use revolutionary 3D printing technologies to create some special, revolutionary products. The .MXG collection is the result of that challenge: a beautiful selection of lamps and design accessories that do much more than just light up a room or furnish a house. These are products that engage both the imagination and the senses. One of the best story tellers is, if it’s up to us, the “Fall of the Damned” Chandelier by Dutch architect Luc Merx. Apart from the imaginative power, it creates mood and brings magic to any setting while translating the story of a monumental religious painting: a jumble of the bodies of the damned, hurled into abyss by archangel Michael and accompanying angels.

3D Printing Methods

Manufactured by using a variety of different 3D printing technologies, the .MGX catalogue brings together the best of craftmanship in both a modern and traditional way. 3D technologies allow the production of complex shapes that would otherwise never be impossible to create. Each manufactured part is individually sketched, converted into a CAD file, created by laser beam and carefully finished by hand.