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ION 3D printed Lampshade by David Münscher

Oxique_ION Lampshade by David Münscher

ION 3D Printed Lampshade by David Münscher: Inspired by Curved Paper Folding

Designer David Münscher has created two lampion shaped lampshades, that use principles of curved paper folding to create a thin, but rigid light object. The ION 3D printed Lampshades are a great fit for any interior design!

Picture with ION Lampshades. A great fit to any interior!
ION 3D Printed Lampshades – A great fit to any interior!

ION – 3D Printed Lampion Shape

Due to the layer structure of the 3D printing process the resulting shade has a paper like structure, that reveals itself fully when lit.
The lampshade design draws its inspiration from a classic lampion shape, hence the name – ION.

Picture of ION Lampshade by Studio Oxique.
When lit the horizontal lines softly shine through and evoke the feeling of a fabric lampshade.

Focused Spot & Dispersed Mood Lighting

During daytime the bright white, curved shape adds a clean, yet homely accent to an interior. When turned on in the evening ION illuminates the space with a warm, soft glow to the sides and
a focused spot of light underneath.

Floor and Table Lamp Flexibility

ION is available in two sizes and lends itself to be hung as a single lamp or in groups, forming lines or clusters. By the use of a lamp stand the shades can also be turned into a floor or table

Close up of 3D printed ION Lampshade
ION lampshade was made from fine 3D printed Polyamide.

Soft Shine and Evoked Fabric Feelings

The pendant light is 3D printed on demand in a thin nylon 3D printing material. The fine layers of the printing process produce a matt finished, paper like structure. Both, ION and the smaller ION S lampshades are now available via oxique.com.

Pictures in this post are courtesy of David Münscher.


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