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Webinar: The Design of 3D Printed Optics with Zemax OpticStudio


Free Webinar on Designing 3D Printed Optics with Zemax OpticStudio

Additive manufacturing offers the upwards potential to revolutionize manufacturing across a broad range of industries. Here’s an interesting webinar by Zemax and Luxexcel on designing 3D printed optics by Zemax OpticStudio.

3D Printed Optics by Luxexcel

Recently, Zemax started to cooperate with Dutch Luxexcel, a global leader in 3D printed optics. Not so long ago, Luxexcel’s optical grade ‘LUX Opticlear’ material was added to the Zemax software library. Consequently, it enables the optics designer to do an even easier job in designing optics and optical components. Arising from the exciting collaboration, a free webinar was given in the last weeks on how to design optics for 3D printing.

Nowadays, Optics Designers around the globe start to discover the unique advantages of Printoptical Technology. The enhanced design freedom coming along with this digital fabrication technology is a great gift. Finally, it is expected that the new way of designing optics will pave the path to new optics types and  smarter optics solutions.

Luxexcel and Zemax OpticStudio: paving the path to novel optics design.

Designing Optical Components in Zemax OpticStudio

In the webinar you’ll learn from the manufacturer itself about unique optical design considerations when preparing optical components for 3D printing. Additionally, you will learn about the capabilities offered by OpticStudio to facilitate the design 3D printed optical systems.

Here’s the recording of the webinar:

Economies of Scale

The challenges of fabricating components for optical and illumination design are significant. However, 3D printed optics are beginning to offer the necessary characteristics. Therefore, we can really recommend your viewing this very interesting webinar from Zemax.

Anyone involved in the design of illumination optics should take a breath. Just take a minute to consider the novel design options arising from this powerful cooperation!


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