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Wohlers Report 2016: Now available!

Image featuring cover of Wohlers Report 2016

Wohlers Report 2016: 3D Printing Industry reveals $1 billion Growth

Wohlers Report 2016 provides annualy a worldwide review and analysis of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry. The report has served as the undisputed industry-leading report for professionals and investors in the field on the subject for two decades.

The “Bible of 3D Printing’

Now in its 21st publication, this new edition marks another consecutive year of publication. Many professionals meanwhile refer to it as the “bible” of 3D printing. The actual report was developed with the support of 98 service providers, 51 system manufacturers, 15 third-party material producers, and the valuable contributions of 80 co-authors in 33 countries.

Wohlers Report 2016: Unparalleled Window into AM and 3D printing

Wohlers Associates is fortunate to have developed the largest network of peers in the industry. This access and trust of many experienced friends in the field has resulted in a report that offers an unparalleled window into additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Wohlers Report 2016 is now available!
Wohlers Report 2016 is now available!

335 Pages AM and 3D Printing Knowledge now Available

The pages of the 2016 edition of the report includes 35 charts and graphs, 68 tables, and 322 full color images and illustrations. It also includes more than 160 pages of supplemental online information available exclusively to the buyers of the report.

The report is available for purchase at the website of Wohlers Associates.