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3D Printing OLED Light Fixtures


DIY: 3D Printing OLED Light Fixtures for Designers

OLED, one of the most advanced technologies in in todays lighting world meets the most innovative technology in printing. Still, the most important thing in a lighting fixture would be the light source itself. However, 3D printing technologies bring new and enhanced design possibilities closer to light design and engineering studios and help them create new and designful products. Here’s a nice example from LG Chem about 3D Printing OLED Light Fixtures.

OLED: Thin, Safe and Natural Light

OLEDs, with no UV or Blue Light Risk, have the spectral power distribution closest to that of natural sun light. Since OLEDs are so thin and light, with simple 3D Printing, anybody can be a designer now and make OLED light fixtures at any time with any design!

3D Printing OLED Light Fixtures – Do it Yourself!

Try designing your own light with 3D printing and an OLED light DIY Kit. OLED Task Lamp made with one 100x100mm LG Chem OLED module and a driver included in a LG Chem OLED light DIY kit.

For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/lgoledlight