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Luxexcel and Materialise Expand Their Business with Streamics


Luxexcel and Materialise Partners to Establish fully Automated Online Ordering Process

Luxexcel, the inventor of Printoptical Technology and provider of customized 3D printed optics solutions, has partnered with Materialise to establish a fully automated online ordering process that is completely streamlined with 3D printing production using Streamics.

Streamics is a central AM automation & control system by Materialise that allows its users to get a grip on the entire additive manufacturing business. The system links people, machines, processes and 3D printing materials.

Traceability in all Prototyping and Manufacturing Aspects

In addition, Streamics offers traceability in all aspects. Whether  prototypes are developed or parts are manufactured, Streamics’ components can be used as standalone features or integrated with other processes and business software.

With the support of the Streamics Robot, CAD files are automatically analyzed, part properties are generated to enable instant quoting, and designs are prepared for 3D Printing – 24/7. Streamics helps to optimally manage the quote-and-order data and connect the new online business efficiently with the 3D printing production back-end.

Supporting Luxexcel’s Online Business

To scale up business and serve it’s global customers within a variety of industries, Luxexcel created a new online order environment. The Luxexcel online order platform is integrated with Materialise’s automation and control system Streamics. Luxexcel has obtained the necessary automation and process control to ensure that customers from all over the world consistently and punctually receive quality parts while Luxexcel’s printed optics business continues to grow.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Streamics_LuxexcelLuxexcel and Materialise: A Strong Combination of Hard- and Software

The partnership between Luxexcel and Materialise will grow, as Luxexcel strives to integrate more automation steps from Materialise’s software platform into its business.


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