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Bathsheba Grossman: Modern Lighting Concepts with High Complexity


Bathsheba Grossman Creates Geometric Lamp Designs with 3D Printing

Here’s another designer of 3D printed light fixtures that we’d love to bring closer to you: Bathsheba Grossman. Born in the US in ’66, Bathseba received a degree in mathematics from Yale. Thereafter she moved to the University of Pennsylvania and studied sculptural principles and metalworking in arts. As a 3D printing pioneer, she left numerous 3D printed lamps so far, and has been of great inspiration for many others.

33DPrinting.Lighitng_Bathseba Grossman_4From Traditional Manufacturing Methods to 3D Printing

After several years’ experience in making sculptures of bronze materials by traditional manufacturing methods, Bathsheba switched to CAD/CAM in 1998. She began designing sculptures in a digital way for production by 3D printing. Since then, she has been making sculptures using many technologies including lost-wax casting, electroforming, stereolithography, and most recently also direct steel printing. Along the way she also started ‘Protoshape’, a bureau offering 3D printing services.

33DPrinting.Lighitng_Bathseba Grossman_6An Eye for Symmetrical Geometry

Bathsheba Grossman has a great eye for detail, in special symmetrical geometries. For over twenty years, she’s produced all kinds of complex, mathematical designs that were transformed into tangible objects through the technologically advanced process of 3D printing.

3DPrinting.Lighitng_Bathseba Grossman_1
Complex designs transformed into tangible objects through 3D printing

Design Availability at .MGX Materialise

In collaboration with .MGX Materialise — the Belgium based pioneers in 3D printed lighting and furniture — many of her designs are available. ‘Quin’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Torus’ are just some examples of unique lamps she shaped. The astonishing curves and textured twists that Grossman created were turned into reality by using Materialise’ 3D printing technologies.

3DPrinting.Lighting_Bathseba Grossman_10
The concepts illuminate any room with soft and interesting lighting patterns.

Modelling: From Concept to Creature

When make a printed lamp, the designer has to create first a concept sketch including rough hand-made drawings. Upon finalizing an idea, he turns the physical sketch into a digital design by the use of digital CAD software.

Finally, the result is produced as a physical object using a 3D printer, which stacks layers of certain 3D printing materials into the proper shape. Once the product is set, a certain amount of hand-work is required: the designer continues to refine the part, such as retexturing and polishing it until the final product is completed.

3DPrinting.Lighitng_Bathseba Grossman_3
Most collection items are available as floor lamps, table lamps, and pendants.

3D Printing Lighting – The Process

For the case you’re interested in the processing itself, here’s some more information on the 3D printing process and how it works.

The modern lighting concepts, which illuminate any room with soft and interesting lighting patterns, are available as floor lamps, table lamps, and even pendants.

Visit Bathsheba Grossman on the world wide web:  www.bathsheba.com