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New 3MF Extensions Bring Enhanced Efficiency and Manageability to 3D Printing


New 3MF Extensions: Production and Slice Extensions Provide Standardized Tools to Organize and Slice 3D Models

Recently, the 3MF Consortium (3MF) released two specification extensions to its 3MF Core Specification 1.1. The new 3MF Extensions contain a slicing and production extension that allow high-volume additive manufacturing facilities to better integrate and manage their 3D printing operations more smoothly than before.

Moving to Fully Integrated – High End Volume Additive Manufacturing

In addition to the initial launch of the 3MF format, the 3MF Production and Slice Extensions to are significant enhancements that move the industry closer to a fully integrated, high-volume additive manufacturing end-to-end 3D printing solution. Release of specifications like these aligns with the 3MF Consortium’s mission to help improve the efficiency and productivity of additive manufacturing solutions with standardized software.

As founding member of the 3MF Consortium, netfabb supports the standard both, for importing and exporting the 3MF file format,
The 3MF Consortium Founding Members

New 3MF Extensions for Production

Designed for high-volume users such as service bureaus, the 3MF Production Extension makes it more efficient for users to organize and manage 3D printing jobs with multiple parts by keeping them in separate .xml files within the 3MF package, thus dividing the parsing load for large jobs. The 3MF package manages the file hierarchy and relationships among the files, as well as keeping unique identifiers for each part instance.

New 3MF Extensions for Slicing

High-volume additive manufacturing requires practical software that simplifies the 3D design and manufacturing process while fully describing a model, retaining internal information, color, and other characteristics. The actual extensions were developed to solve in a clear, straightforward manner two critical interoperability issues impacting efficiency and manageability in today’s additive manufacturing facilities.

The additive manufacturing industry grew by over $1 billion for the second consecutive year in 2015, according to Wohlers Associates, an independent consulting firm. The 3MF Production and 3MF Slice Extensions are free to download immediately.


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