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GrabCAD Print Software is out of Beta

GrabCAD Print Beta Program ended succesfully

GrabCAD Print is now officially out of Beta Testing

Since the beta test program began for GrabCAD print five months ago, over 40 customer-driven enhancements were added by the GrabCAD team to make the package more smooth and functional operating. In addition to the capabilities that were originally roadmapped, new features were added to the program to make working with GrabCAD Print even more attractive.

Novel GrabCAD Print Features and Benefits

GradCAD Print is available for use on a growing list of Stratasys printers in nine languages. The smooth operation software allows you to print directly from your favorite professional CAD formats, saving hours of time usually spent converting and fixing STL files. The direct print to CAD software supports a variety of 3D printers, including uPrint, Dimension, Fortus 250, Fortus 380, and Fortus 450 with more coming in 2017.

Next to this, some business intelligence features on material usage and printer utilization were added to make working with the software even more attractive. Furthermore, scaling and orientation controls support features were added.

Powerful GrabCAD Cloud Application

GrabCAD unveils a cloud application that gives its users the power to work – and print – from any location. In places like job prep, scheduling, and monitoring the software will be most impactful.

Workflow Animation GrabCAD print
GrabCAD Print Workflow by Stratasys

Brainy collaboration is built right in for better application and printer data tracking. Want better tray utilization and advanced layout capability? No sweat. GrabCAD Print’s scaling and orientation support mean your printing efficiencies will go through the roof.

GrabCAD Print Certification Badge

With the release of GrabCAD Print, the company also launched a certification test that comes with it’s very own certification badge. From now on, you can show off to the rest of the community your supperior knowledge of GrabCAD Print.

The final launch of the platform is another step into the direction of making professional 3D printing more easy and accessible.


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