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LEDbits Toolkit Launched on Kickstarter

LEDbits Toolkit now on Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter: LEDbits Toolkit for Creating a Personalized LED Lighting Experience

The ‘plug-and-play’ LEDbits Toolkit enables designers to create amazing lamps with a great and personalized user experience! Today, the concept was launched on Kickstarter after ramping up for launch for almost two years.

LEDbits: Mix and Match!

LEDbits modules are designed to be ‘worry-free’! The team behind the inventive concept spent months to make the concept as simple as possible. The individual build blocks quickly and effortlessly fit together, and can be easily swapped out.

LEDbits – How does it work?

Basically, the LEDbits system is designed for a great user experience. It all boils down to three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Light Color

LEDbits: Choose Your Light Color

Making a night light? Choose a LED module that radiates cozy warm light! Building a lamp to light your office environment? Then go for a bright white light! Or just choose the blue one, and do something different!

Step 2: Shape your Beam

LEDbits - Shape your Beam visual

Combine the LED module with a lens that bundles the light into a spot, or go with a diffusive effect for an even smoother light distribution.

Step 3: Hook up your Controls

LEDbits - Hook up your controls animation

Finally, hook up a toggle switch, a rotary knob, capacitive touch or go crazy and program your own with Arduino. It is as easy as connecting one ‘plug-and-play’ LEDbits control modules.

LEDbits seamless integration

The beautiful modules seamlessly integrate in your design. Makers can experience the ease of the wide variety of fixation possibilities designed into the modules and the supplied fasteners.

“The right toolkit for every type of maker”

LEDbits comes in a variety of toolkits to make it work for every type of maker. The system was thoroughly tested by a variety of designers and makers from the local community and perfectionized for almost two years before the launch on Kickstarter earlier today.

More information is also available on the LEDbits website.


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