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Lumì by Pieter Husmann – Lampshades made with Laser Cutting and 3D Printing


Lumì – A unique Combination of Passion, Design and Technology

Pieter Husmann is a Dutch designer with a passion for technique and technology who graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven, back in December 2014. Today he specializes in product and interior design. Lumì by Pieter Husmann is his ode to the interior lighting design community.

3DPrinting.lighting_Lumì by Pieter Husmann
Lumì by Pieter Husmann – a range of colorful pendants created by laser cutting and 3D printing technology.

Choose and Assembly your Own Model

Lumì by Pieter Husmann is a range of designfull lampshades made with laser cutting and 3D printing. Using these inventive techniques allow to make unique designs every single time. When ordering the lampshades, users are able to choose their favourite model and personalised colors. The user finally defines his own product and, thanks to the ease of assembly, builds his custom pendant together making it into a perfect fit for every interior!

3DPrinting.lighting_Lumì by Pieter Husmann (2)
User definition: The colorful lampshades can be choosen and assembled by the user

Lumì by Pieter Husmann

With no need to order minimum quantities of a tailored product, the Lumì lamp shades are cost effectively designed and manufactured in the Eindhoven area. The 3D printing movement comes along with great advantages and unique design possibilities. A next generation designers is turning the potential of this new way of making products into unique designful products.

3DPrinting.lighting_Lumì by Pieter Husmann (8)Dutch Design Week 2015

The Lumì products are available for purchase at the website of Pieter Husmann. Some of his other studio work was initially launched at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, October 2015. Dutch Design Week is an recurring event about Dutch design, hosted in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The annual event takes place around the last week of October and is a nine-day event with exhibitions, workshops, seminars and parties at many venues.

Pictures in this post are courtesy of Pieter Husmann.