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‘Terug Naar Morgen’ with Materialise 3D Printed Lamps


‘Terug naar Morgen’: Materialise 3D Printed Lamps Featured in New Sci-Fi Film

Need a film suggestion for the weekend? The new Belgian film ‘Terug Naar Morgen’ (English version is titled ‘The Sum of Histories’) sets out to explore what happens when you mess with time: when two scientists figure out a way to send emails back into the past.

3D Printed Lamps by Materialise

To keep the futuristic tenor of the storyline, the filmmakers wanted their props to be appropriately futuristic and sleek. So you’ll spot some of Materialise’s .MGX collection of designer lamps like Patrick Jouin’s Bloom lamp, making their first big-screen appearance. Watch out for some more 3D printed lighting décor!

3DPrinting.Lighting_Terug naar morgen_Materialise
‘Terug naar Morgen’ – a movie by Lucas Bossuyt incl. 3D Printed Lamps by Materialise

The Sum of History Explained

Director Lukas Bossuyt discusses the concept behind ‘Terug Naar Morgen‘ in and why he chose .MGX lamps for the décor in the  sneak preview in the header of this post.

After watching this short sneak peak we can’t wait to see the full movie!